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When I arrived for my first hypnotherapy session for pain with Sarah I was physically and emotionally exhausted from several years of living with chronic pain. Sarah was able to talk with me with genuine empathy, and insight into what I was going through. She provided a space that was calming and peaceful and I felt immediately at ease and safe with Sarah.

At the end of my hypnosis sessions I would leave with an overwhelming sense of peace, calm and hope. I found the self-hypnosis techniques that Sarah taught me to be easily applicable throughout my daily life, and they continue to be effective on a regular basis.

Sarah was instrumental in enabling me to change the way I relate to pain and suffering and her techniques have provided me with knowledge and confidence to face the challenges of life.

Kathy Mc – Homebush, NSW

After being introduced to Michael Newton’s books on Past Lives and Life Between Lives and the associated hypnotherapy regression techniques, I decided that I wished to explore these aspects of myself as part of my continuing journey of inner discovery.

I contacted Sarah and after a lengthy discussion settled on undertaking a Past Life regression followed some time later by a Life Between Lives session.

Sarah facilitated both sessions.

The results were amazing and astounding beyond any expectation. Words are quite inadequate to describe the depth of my experiences and the innate knowing and understanding that flowed both during the two journeys and since then. I have obtained a far greater understanding of myself, my soul’s purpose, my life contracts and friends. And the wisdom that has been imparted has left me with a profound sense of gratitude.

I now have a far greater appreciation for my soul, my body, my life and my role in this game of life and without hesitation I attribute this to Sarah’s guiding professionalism. She is a beautifully balanced professional in her field and conducted the regression sessions in a safe supporting environment. She deftly moved the topic on after each question had been addressed or the area under investigation fully explored. At all times she allowed the journey to unfold in an entirely natural fashion at a completely natural pace fully allowing any interaction to be completed. Thank you Sarah.

I can recommend Sarah to anyone who wishes to explore these areas of their being and feel that whoever treads this path with Sarah as their guide will be richly rewarded.

Denis, Sydney

I admit at first to being a little skeptical that somebody other than myself could tell me about my own Past Life and Life Between Lives experiences. But from the moment I met Sarah I felt at ease and in the hands of a professional.

I decided to set aside my skeptic and just see what would come up.

Sarah got me to a place of such deep relaxation whilst still being awake and present. I never felt put upon, on the contrary she facilitated a deeply personal experience that arose from my own hidden depths simply by asking me the right questions.

She was always respectful of my process, asking questions that got insightful answers and never pushing too far. When it did get a little too intense she had the appropriate tools to hand and safety mechanisms in place to get me back to a safe equilibrium surprisingly quickly.

What I saw and felt with Sarah’s compassionate and skilled guidance has answered many unsolved questions around relationships, personal outlooks and the way I move through the world in my currant life. It has opened me up to the possibilities of a far greater connected life, one with richer meaning and has awakened in me a deeper trust in the process of Being.

I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone whether they have questions large or small to be answered.

Alex, Sydney

Alex, Sydney

Thank you Sarah for the Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression sessions.

I hadn’t quite known what to expect or how it worked but was immediately at ease with the beautiful and serene space you work in and your calm, empathetic, attentive and gentle approach. After each hypnosis session I left feeling uplifted, aware and incredibly relaxed. I have been so pleased with the improvements and progress on the issues I chose to work on.

The Past Life Regression was an incredible, illuminating and safe journey that gave me the opportunity to remember and observe important past events and connect to their revealing information or the message to my current situation.

I really felt I was giving myself a gift with these sessions. A gift of attention, growth and self-development and deeper connection with my inner self.

I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone as an empowering and viable healing treatment for a variety of health issues.

Thank you for your support and for paving my road to success.

Stephanie C. – Darlinghurst, NSW

I have been suffering with the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia for 25 years. I have tried and tested numerous methods of coping with the limitations it has placed on my life, both medical and alternative.

I have been on a spiritual journey that really benefits my life for over seven years. During this time I saw a doctor who prescribed drug treatment that actually helps me.

Last year I began hypnotherapy with Sarah Ivens. I approach all treatments with an open mind, willing to give all my energy to anything that will relieve my pain. The first session I met with Sarah at her Hypnotherapy clinic in Sydney, but all sessions since then have been on Skype. This works extremely well, providing the necessary closeness without any detrimental effect.

I am finding extraordinary benefits from hypnotherapy.

When my pain is so severe that I can’t function I used to go to bed for a few weeks and just lie there hoping the rest will rejuvenate me. I don’t give in easily. I’m a fighter.

Now I am aware when my pain threatens to overtake my mind and my body that a brief check in will result in restoring my energy and vitality. With the help of my sessions with Sarah and the techniques she has taught me I can feel the pain, say hello to it and then get on with something else. The pain’s still there, but my mind is not fixated on it, so I don’t let it become the only thing of which I am aware at that time.

My spiritual journey is teaching me to stay present every moment of the day and this goes so well with the hypnotherapy techniques.

It’s about changing the way my brain deals with pain signals. If my brain is not totally fixated on the pain signals I am able to focus on something else. This is having an amazing effect on my daily life. It feels like the pain is taking a back seat. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Sarah is very professional and I have confidence in her methods and respect for her knowledge.

I’m truly blessed to have found her.

Jeanette – Northern Sydney

I was searching for answers, through different channels of my own – ways to connect to my deeper subconscious mind, after being given a book by Dr Brian Weiss on Past Life Regression hypnotherapy. I had read others on the subject, but this one seemed to tie everything together nicely, and I wanted to know more about my own past lives and their influence on my current life. I sought out Sarah through a friend who had had Past Life sessions with Sarah that were beneficial for him, and he found that Sarah was a really good clinical hypnotherapist.

As soon as I met Sarah she had me feeling completely at ease and comfortable, she explained everything that I needed to know to make it a comfortable and reassuring process, while dispelling any myths or concerns I might have had.

Initially I had some difficulties getting clear messages, however Sarah was fantastic at facilitating and assisting me to pass these obstacles, allowing me to progress forward, which I found incredibly helpful. I had an amazing first session.

I subsequently went on to have further sessions of great depth, which provided further insight into understanding myself. The insights that I have gained would not have been achievable in my mind without Sarah as a clinician and facilitator in the process.  I believe it is important to understand that everyone gets something different from hypnotherapy. I was looking for answers to things, and found totally unexpected insights that I hold as incredible, and I am extremely grateful to Sarah for helping me to achieve this.

My insights have led me to head overseas in search of further information and experience, as a result of what I gained through Past Life Regression hypnotherapy. I believe it to have been an incredibly beneficial and pivotal life moment.  I understand that not everyone is in the position of being able to travel overseas to further explore, but I know that the insights I gained through the experience of Past Life Regression therapy have been motivation enough for me to take this giant step.

Campbell – Sydney, NSW