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I have been suffering with the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia for 25 years. I have tried and tested numerous methods of coping with the limitations it has placed on my life, both medical and alternative.

I have been on a spiritual journey that really benefits my life for over seven years. During this time I saw a doctor who prescribed drug treatment that actually helps me.

Last year I began hypnotherapy with Sarah Ivens. I approach all treatments with an open mind, willing to give all my energy to anything that will relieve my pain. The first session I met with Sarah at her workplace, but all sessions since then have been on Skype. This works extremely well, providing the necessary closeness without any detrimental effect.

I am finding extraordinary benefits from hypnotherapy.

When my pain is so severe that I can’t function I used to go to bed for a few weeks and just lie there hoping the rest will rejuvenate me. I don’t give in easily. I’m a fighter.

Now I am aware when my pain threatens to overtake my mind and my body that a brief check in will result in restoring my energy and vitality. With the help of my sessions with Sarah and the techniques she has taught me I can feel the pain, say hello to it and then get on with something else. The pain’s still there, but my mind is not fixated on it, so I don’t let it become the only thing of which I am aware at that time.

My spiritual journey is teaching me to stay present every moment of the day and this goes so well with the hypnotherapy techniques.

It’s about changing the way my brain deals with pain signals. If my brain is not totally fixated on the pain signals I am able to focus on something else. This is having an amazing effect on my daily life. It feels like the pain is taking a backseat. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Sarah is very professional and I have confidence in her methods and respect for her knowledge.

I’m truly blessed to have found her.

Jeanette – Northern NSW

I was searching for answers through different channels of my own, ways to connect to my deeper subconscious mind, after being given a book by Dr Brian Weiss on Past Life Regression hypnotherapy. I had read others on the subject, but this one seemed to tie everything together nicely, and I wanted to know more myself about my own past lives and their influence on my current life. I sought out Sarah through a friend who had sessions with Sarah that were beneficial for him, and he found that Sarah was a really good clinical hypnotherapist.

I made contact with Sarah and arranged to have a Past Life Regression session. As soon as I met Sarah she had me feeling completely at ease and comfortable, she explained everything that I needed to know to make it a comfortable and reassuring process, while dispelling any myths or concerns I might have had. Not that I had any, I just wanted to jump straight into it.

Initially I had some difficulties getting clear messages, however Sarah was fantastic in facilitating and assisting me to pass these obstacles, allowing me to progress forward, which I found incredibly helpful. I had an amazing first session.

I subsequently went on to have further sessions of great depth, which provided further insight into understanding myself. The insights that I have gained would not have been achievable in my mind without Sarah as a clinician and facilitator in the process.  I believe it is important to understand that everyone gets something different from hypnotherapy. I was looking for answers to things, and found totally unexpected insights that I hold as incredible, and I am extremely grateful to Sarah for helping me to achieve this.

My insights have led me to head overseas in search of further information and experience, as a result of what I gained through Past Life Regression hypnotherapy. I believe it to have been an incredibly beneficial and pivotal life moment.  I understand that not everyone is in the position of being able to travel overseas to further explore, but I know that the insights I gained through the experience of Past Life Regression therapy have been motivation enough for me to take this giant step.

Campbell – Sydney, NSW