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It is so important for your overall health to learn to manage stress effectively, in order to support the healthy functioning of your physical body and your emotional life. By utilizing the skills hypnotherapy helps you develop, you can address the physical, emotional and psychological issues that you need to improve in your life, in a gentle but powerful way.

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If you feel overwhelmed by life’s demands, find you are short tempered and over react to people or events, or just feel like you are in a state of tension all the time, then you are suffering from stress. Ongoing stress depletes the body’s biochemical systems, and over a period of time is a contributing factor in chronic disease states. It also undermines our ability to navigate life’s challenges, regulate our emotions, have healthy relationships, and foster self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy offers a drug free, effective method of reducing stress levels, enabling your body to be reacquainted with its natural state of calm and ease. The healthy balance of a calm mind and body will help you go through your daily life more happily and effectively, with renewed energy and a deep sense of wellbeing.

Sarah was an outstanding hypnotherapist.
She was respectful and easy to talk to right from the first call – which helped me open up and deal with the things I needed to. The results speak for themselves – less anxiety and stress, and more ability to look inwards and deal with the issues I need to when they pop up. Plus it’s good to know she’s around in the future as I know I’ll be able to schedule a session and deal with the things I need to. Absolutely fantastic and I highly, highly recommend her.

Stephanie C. – Darlinghurst, Sydney

Hypnotherapy For Stress Management

In hypnotherapy sessions for stress relief you move into a relaxed comfortable state of relaxation in the body, and an expansive open state of mind. The body and the subconscious mind work together like a trusted team to find new ways for you to respond with ease and confidence in your ability to navigate life’s challenges in a healthy and empowered way.

See our hypnotherapy for anxiety page for the various types of anxiety that hypnosis can help alleviate.

…The outcome of my sessions with Sarah was above and beyond what I expected. Now when I am stressed or lack confidence, I have the ability to conduct myself in a more positive and productive way that I never imagined possible before…

Amelia, Inner West Sydney

Hypnosis for Stress in Sydney Inner West & Online

My hypnotherapy clinic is located in Lilyfield, in Inner West Sydney.

I also conduct online hypnosis for stress management via Zoom and Skype. You can be confident that online hypnotherapy sessions are every bit as effective as in-person sessions!

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In my experience, Sarah’s work is miracle. Insurmountable panic and distress immediately subsided; replaced with peace and love. With gentleness and care, Sarah has helped me overcome great obstacles that I battled with for years. I’m so at peace because of her help.

I have often tried to change my life to try to feel different about things, but after a hypnotherapy session with Sarah I immediately feel different, and that makes my life different automatically. I’ve now had 6 or so sessions over a long period of time.

To me, Sarah is not just another mental health consultant; she inspires real change, deep inside, and the best way to explain that change is that life feels better, lots and lots better.

Joseph, Sydney


…Sarah was able to talk with me with genuine empathy, and insight into what I was going through. She provided a space that was calming and peaceful and I felt immediately at ease and safe with Sarah…

Kathy Mc – Homebush, Sydney