Body Reshaping

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Hypnotherapy assists you to strengthen your ability to focus on forming new healthier food associations and lifestyle changes, supported by the different choices and habits you establish with the help of your subconscious mind.

By tapping into the power of your mind you can develop the skills needed for successful slimming and body reshaping. Hypnotherapy can directly influence habits and patterns that will allow the body to move to its naturally perfect weight, and stay there without a constant struggle.

Because hypnotherapy offers an effective, drug-free choice for resolving personal issues and promoting health and wellness, it is a natural, safe and comfortable way to address the negative self-beliefs and self-talk that have been holding you captive. By using hypnotherapy to tap into the power of your wise inner mind,  you will  get started with a new message in your mind, and your body will follow.

Our physical and emotional well-being depends to a large degree on our physical energy, and an abundant physical energy arises out of physical fitness. A lack of this energy and fitness can lead to many imbalances, of which being overweight is one.

Hypnotherapy increases your motivation and self esteem. It creates opportunities to develop eating and exercise patterns that promote harmony and wellbeing, letting you feel good about yourself as you move in the right direction for creating a new body image, one that reflects the right size and shape you.