Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

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Hypnotherapy (hypnosis) helps relieve anxiety by targeting it’s source in your subconscious mind.

We all know what it feels like to be nervous – about an exam, job interview, public speaking, a big date or some other life event. However, excessive and ongoing anxiety is a debilitating condition that can hold you back at work, stop you enjoying things you’d like to do, interfere with social and family relationships, contribute to disease states, and erode your confidence and self-esteem.

Anxiety is a protective mechanism in the brain and body that is trying to keep you safe. When the warning system that has been put in place through subconscious programming from past experiences get stuck on red alert, you are in a permanent state of ‘fight or flight’.

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The job of the subconscious is to keep us safe, happy and comfortable. And it is on the job 24/7. However, when anxiety is ongoing it ends up causing us harm emotionally and physically. When it goes rogue like this, it is most likely because experiences or beliefs from your past are negatively impacting your present in ways you may not realise or recognise.

Using hypnotherapy, you will be able to access the level of the subconscious where the source of the anxiety lives. Once we release the source of what is driving the fear response in your system, and heal the negative self-beliefs attached to it, you will be able to reclaim your life and relax into a new sense of self-trust and confidence in the world.

…In my experience, Sarah’s work is a miracle. Insurmountable panic and distress immediately subsided; replaced with peace and love. With gentleness and care, Sarah has helped me overcome great obstacles that I battled with for years. I’m so at peace because of her help.
I have often tried to change my life to try to feel different about things, but after a session with Sarah I immediately feel different, and that makes my life different automatically. I’ve now had 6 or so sessions over a long period of time.
To me, Sarah is not just another mental health consultant; she inspires real change, deep inside, and the best way to explain that change is that life feels better, lots and lots better.

Joseph, Sydney

How Hypnotherapy Treats Anxiety

Hypnotherapy offers an effective way of calming the mind and body systems, introducing new messages and response patterns that support calm, confident strategies to help you change your thoughts and your experience. It is a powerful way of releasing old patterns of reacting and creating new more positive responses that help you feel better and stronger.

The more you can generate helpful thinking patterns that improve your mood, the more helpful neurotransmitters you are likely to produce. These are your body’s natural feel good chemicals. Learning how to turn off the ‘fight or flight’ response in the brain reprograms the over sensitized hormonal and nervous systems in the body, thereby allowing recuperation and relaxation to evolve instead.

It is important to consult your doctor or psychologist, to rule out other possible causes, or to seek help for severe anxiety disorders. However, adding hypnotherapy into the treatment management plan you develop in consultation with your health care provider, can speed up the positive results you achieve.

Sarah was an outstanding hypnotherapist.
She was respectful and easy to talk to right from the first call – which helped me open up and deal with the things I needed to. The results speak for themselves – less anxiety and stress, and more ability to look inwards and deal with the issues I need to when they pop up. Plus it’s good to know she’s around in the future as I know I’ll be able to schedule a session and deal with the things I need to. Absolutely fantastic and I highly, highly recommend her.

Mitch, Sydney

Common Types of Anxiety Helped by Hypnotherapy

People can become anxious about many different things, but some of the most common ones that people seek help for with hypnosis are:

  • Anxiety and Depression
    Some of the underlying issues that cause anxiety can also contribute to depression, therefore, anxiety and depression frequently occur together. Hypnotherapy targets those underlying causes to help identify and release negative self-belief patterns that may be keeping you stuck in powerless and fearful emotional states. You can access a more empowered, resourceful version of you.
  • Panic attacks
    Panic attacks are sudden, brief periods of extreme fear that are usually associated with physical symptoms such as fast heart rate, chest pain, difficulty breathing, nausea, chills, sweating, dizziness, tingling etc. People often think there’s something physically wrong, but it’s just an over-activation of the fight or flight system triggered by and old memory. Hypnosis helps you release and reprogram the emotional imprint surrounding the original sensitising event. You will be able to file the memory away where it belongs, in the past and under your control, no longer intruding on your present day life.
  • Public speaking anxiety
    Most people put public speaking high on their list of things they are afraid to do. Hypnotherapy can help you tap into the amazing resource that is the power of your mind, getting it on board to support you to positively reprogram your feelings and thoughts so you can successfully deliver that great speech with confidence and ease.
  • Social anxiety
    Social anxiety is one of the most common types of anxiety. It commonly arises when a person feels they are the centre of attention, or is feels at risk of being judged. The fear of criticism or rejection that is triggered by a social situation comes from experiences in a person’s past. Hypnotherapy for social anxiety works by addressing the root causes of the fear set up in earlier years and upsetting or traumatic experiences.
  • Health anxiety
    Health anxiety is excessive worry and spiralling anxiety around real or perceived health conditions. Using hypnosis to access the root cause of fears around physical health concerns we can release negative perceptions that are keeping the anxiety levels in place, replacing them with positive self-empowering beliefs that release the fear.
  • Flight anxiety
    Fear of flying can be very unpleasant and can restrict your life and options for pleasure or work. Hypnosis for flight anxiety works through a powerful combination of reprograming old memories and beliefs, and visualising future events.
  • Dental anxiety
    Many people don’t like going to the dentist, but for some people their dental anxiety is out of proportion to the situation and is preventing them from getting much needed dental work. Hypnosis for dental anxiety will assist you to feel calm as you confidently relax into the process of taking the very best care of your oral health.

…The outcome of my sessions with Sarah was above and beyond what I expected. Now when I am stressed or lack confidence, I have the ability to conduct myself in a more positive and productive way that I never imagined possible before…

Amelia, Inner West Sydney

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I also provide online hypnosis for anxiety via Zoom or Skype. Online hypnotherapy sessions are just as effective and successful as in-person sessions!

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…Sarah is a very caring and intuitive hypnotherapist … I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to go deeper into why they might be experiencing a particular problem.

Julie, Inner West Sydney