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Research shows that the way we in which focus our attention can have a significant impact on our experience of pain. Because hypnotherapy is a state of focused attention, it can empower you to change the way you pay attention to pain, and your response to pain, so that you can in fact change your pain state.

It is scientifically proven that thoughts, feelings and movements are all players in exciting or inhibiting the process of Central Nervous System Sensitization (CNSS). If you live with the pain of Fibromyalgia, also known as CNSS, it is important to know that the chemicals associated with your thoughts, feelings and emotions either calm down the central nervous system or excite the system.  So the way you think about yourself, your situation, and your future is extremely important in chronic pain.

Clinical trial findings and MRI studies support the fact that hypnotherapy is a valuable tool that will support your ability to learn new ways of dealing with the impact of pain in your life.

The more you can reduce your own distress with your thinking, the more you reduce your adrenaline levels, which in turn is good for desensitizing your nervous system. The more you can generate helpful thinking patterns that improve your mood, the more helpful neurotransmitters you are likely to produce, such as opiates. These are your body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemicals. When your body produces ‘feel good’ chemicals, they help to reduce the level of signal in your pain pathways.

Because hypnotherapy is a great tool for helping you change your thinking, it opens the way for your brain and body to begin changing the way pain information is processed, therefore leading to a decrease in daily average pain levels.