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Your body needs the rest time you get each night during sleep to rejuvenate and regenerate. If you have insomnia (find it hard to get to sleep or stay asleep), or find your mind is going round in circles worrying about things, such as your job, the children, the mortgage or just thinking…then hypnotherapy can help.

Insomnia should be treated as soon as possible because sleep is essential for good health. It refreshes the mind, calms the emotions and repairs the body. It is so important to get the sleep you need, so that your body can regenerate and be able to support you in the coming day ahead. Sleep isn’t a static state of consciousness, in fact the brain is active during sleep and moves through distinct stages or cycles of sleep called circadian rhythms. Adequate time spent in these sleep cycles is vital to restore the energy systems in the body, so that it can perform all the functions necessary for physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Insomnia can cause fatigue, poor concentration and memory, mood disturbances, anxiety, impaired judgment and reaction time, and poor physical coordination. A short-lived bout of insomnia is generally nothing to worry about, however chronic sleep loss is of concern, as it can contribute to health problems such as increased stress levels, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and a decrease in the immune system’s power to perform. Retraining poor sleep patterns can take a bit of time, but there is a lot you can do to support the establishment of sleep creating behaviours and rituals, called ‘sleep hygiene’, and you can put in place those things that work for you to create a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

Hypnotherapy works at the deeper level of your subconscious mind, where the powerful creative part of your mind is. Using hypnotherapy to access the deeper realm of your mind, your changes will occur that create deep, healing and energising sleep patterns. Hypnotherapy techniques will empower you to retrain you mind and body to rest and allow sleep to occur naturally, so that you wake refreshed every day.

Sarah is an incredibly gifted therapist who is able to unlock insights and change feelings and behaviours in a very short period of time. Sarah is insightful, experienced, patient and also no-nonsense, so is able to get to the heart of the issue quickly and clearly. The work I have done with Sarah has helped me change issues that I have been unable to shift through other therapies.

I highly recommend Sarah for anyone who is looking to make a meaningful change to their mind, heart and life. After your first session, you will wish you had done this years ago.

Lisa, Sydney

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia in Sydney Inner West & Online

I practice hypnotherapy from my clinic in Lilyfield, Inner West Sydney.

Since the Corona virus pandemic, I have conducted online hypnosis for insomnia using Zoom and Skype. You can feel confident that online hypnotherapy sessions for insomnia are just as effective and successful as in-person sessions!

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