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Have you ever wondered what happens after we die, or where we go between incarnations? Those questions that lie at the very heart of being human, such as Why am I here? Do I have a life purpose? What lessons are there for me in this family, relationship, work or health situation?

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression (LBL™) is based on the pioneering research of Michael Newton, PhD., author of the books ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’. He is considered a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about life after death through the use of Spiritual Regression. Dr. Newton’s research represents over 7,000 LBL™ cases spanning a period of over 30 years. Even though these clients came from different backgrounds with different spiritual belief systems, their reports of the spirit realm were remarkably similar, consistent and compelling. Find out more at

Knowledge and understanding of our purpose here on earth and the goals we set out to achieve makes LBL™ clients renew their commitment to complete the remainder of this incarnation with energy, understanding and graceMichael Newton

You might like to hear Michael Newton speaking about his work in these two Youtube videos of an interview with him about his experiences and research into Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression.

When Dr. Newton retired, he placed his legacy to humanity in the hands of a group of trained professionals and founded The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. In 2009, ‘Memories of the Afterlife’ was launched as a collective work from The Institute showcasing new stories from a global network of LBL Therapists, assembled by Dr. Newton himself.

The life purpose of one man has now spread to many, who are now the custodians of his legacy. Peter Smith, who was President of The Michael Newton Institute from 2009-2018, is now Director of the Newton Legacy. He has trained Life Between Lives Therapists since 2008, across the USA, UK, Europe and Australasia and in 2013 was awarded the Peggy Newton Award for outstanding service to the Institute. He is one of the author collective, featured in ‘Memories of the Afterlife‘.

The Newton Institute has over 200 LBL Therapists, offering these profound experiences across 39 countries. Whilst many draw on his work these days, this highly trained group are the only ones who carry his unique endorsement, earned through specific training, robust certification and a spiritual code of ethics. The first 7000 cases have now grown to a number over 30,000 as more people are inspired to rediscover their immortal identity to bring wisdom and inspiration to this lifetime.

…In my LBL session, I discovered some of the members of my soul group, and the contracts set up between 3 of the key people in my life (including two people with whom I have “challenging” current relationships). I experienced some of the challenges of a past life, and why my soul has been given the body it has in this life – and how to work with my human body to progress…

Robyn, Inner West Sydney

In late 2015, The Newton Institute launched their quarterly research journal ‘Stories of the Afterlife’, sharing the most recent cases from around the world, never before seen interview footage of Dr. Newton and the latest updates in this rapidly growing field of consciousness work.

If you seek an understanding of your immortal identity, visit There you will discover more about this organization, a list of TNI Certified LBL Therapists across 39 countries and a chance to subscribe to the ‘Stories of the Afterlife’ quarterly research journal.


…After each hypnosis session I left feeling uplifted, aware and incredibly relaxed. I have been so pleased with the improvements and progress on the issues I chose to work on. The Past Life Regression was an incredible, illuminating and safe journey that gave me the opportunity to remember and observe important past events and connect to their revealing information or the message to my current situation…

I really felt I was giving myself a gift with these sessions. A gift of attention, growth and self-development and deeper connection with my inner self…

Stephanie C. – Darlinghurst, Sydney

Some FAQ’S

What are the benefits of having a Life Between Lives™ Session?

A Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression session is a profound exploration of the soul memories you have acquired across lifetimes. It is an experience of your own immortal identity as a soul, that enduring spiritual essence that is you, which brings insights from that higher perspective to help you live a more fulfilled life, one that is in line with your unique purpose.

People say that the experience is amazing and truly changes the way they feel about their life and themselves. Connecting to the wisdom of your soul self and integrating that into your current life is empowering and transformative. The insight gained helps you meet and understand your challenges and life lessons within the broader context of your purpose for this incarnation.

What happens in a Life Between Lives™ Session?

The LBL session is usually experienced as a journey, remembering the trip back ‘home’ to the spirit real having moved through the point of death in a Past Life incarnation. In the Spirit realm people are lovingly greeted by their guides, and have experiences that are deeply personal, enlightening and always positive; such as visiting their Council of Elders, connecting with their soul group or understanding the life selection process.

The process of relaxation via hypnosis is the same as that utilized for Past Life Regression Therapy. It is a safe and comfortable process that enables you to connect to the deeper layers of your consciousness in order to access soul state memories.

The session goes for approximately 4.5 – 5 hours, and it is often surprising how quickly the journey goes because when in trance, ordinary time becomes elastic and it feels like time passes differently.

Do I need to prepare for a Life Between Lives™ Session?

As preparation for an LBL you need to have had a successful Past Life Regression session first. This is for several reasons that support your deepening process of insight, and to work with any healing that may arise. This is part of the preparation process for you, so as to ensure an optimum outcome for your LBL experience.

For your session you will need to prepare and bring a list of questions to ask your council of elders. You will also need to make a list of those people who are or have been important in your life, known as your ‘cast of characters’. Those lists will be discussed in detail when we do the preparatory session before you move to your LBL session.


Please call me for a chat if you have any questions. I am very happy to talk to you in more detail about this wonderful process of spiritual exploration that can help you step into your greatest potential in this current life.

I have undergone Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression (LBL™) training through The Newton Institute. The Newton Institute has the highest standard of training for authentic LBL™ spiritual regressions, and members are governed by a strict code of ethics and standards of practice.  Only certified hypnotherapists who are experienced and certified in Past Life Regression Therapy are able to undertake LBL™ training with The Newton Institute. See here for more detailed information about LBL™ sessions at The Newton Institute.

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy in Sydney Inner West & Online

Sarah Ivens is a certified Life between Lives therapist in Sydney’s Inner West suburb of Lilyfield.

Due to COVID social distancing, Sarah has been facilitating online Life Between Lives sessions via Zoom for several years. You can be be absolutely confident in Sarah’s experience and ability to successfully facilitate the work via this modality, and you can rest assured that the online spiritual regression sessions are just as powerful, safe and effective as in-person sessions!

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