I was searching for answers, through different channels of my own – ways to connect to my deeper subconscious mind, after being given a book by Dr Brian Weiss on Past Life Regression hypnotherapy. I had read others on the subject, but this one seemed to tie everything together nicely, and I wanted to know more about my own past lives and their influence on my current life. I sought out Sarah through a friend who had had Past Life sessions with Sarah that were beneficial for him, and he found that Sarah was a really good clinical hypnotherapist.

As soon as I met Sarah she had me feeling completely at ease and comfortable, she explained everything that I needed to know to make it a comfortable and reassuring process, while dispelling any myths or concerns I might have had.

Initially I had some difficulties getting clear messages, however Sarah was fantastic at facilitating and assisting me to pass these obstacles, allowing me to progress forward, which I found incredibly helpful. I had an amazing first session.

I subsequently went on to have further sessions of great depth, which provided further insight into understanding myself. The insights that I have gained would not have been achievable in my mind without Sarah as a clinician and facilitator in the process.  I believe it is important to understand that everyone gets something different from hypnotherapy. I was looking for answers to things, and found totally unexpected insights that I hold as incredible, and I am extremely grateful to Sarah for helping me to achieve this.

My insights have led me to head overseas in search of further information and experience, as a result of what I gained through Past Life Regression hypnotherapy. I believe it to have been an incredibly beneficial and pivotal life moment.  I understand that not everyone is in the position of being able to travel overseas to further explore, but I know that the insights I gained through the experience of Past Life Regression therapy have been motivation enough for me to take this giant step.

Campbell – Sydney, NSW