I discovered Sarah’s website after reading Dr Michael Newton’s book Destiny of Souls; I’d always been fascinated by accounts of past lives, and when I happened across Dr Newton’s book I learned that LBL takes this to a whole other level. I was intrigued; I’d always believed in ‘soul mates’ and I was eager to understand this – and my own life – in more detail.

In 3 sessions with Sarah over several weeks, I experienced Hypnoenergetic Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression (LBL). After each session, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and peace, combined with a renewed vitality – and in each case, more and more understanding of myself and who I am. The LBL session magnified that feeling immensely. There is quote attributed to Mark Twain that “the two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why” – I truly believe that I discovered the “why” in my LBL session with Sarah. In my Life Between Lives session, I discovered some of the members of my soul group, and the contracts set up between 3 of the key people in my life (including two people with whom I have “challenging” current relationships). I experienced some of the challenges of a past life, and why my soul has been given the body it has in this life – and how to work with my human body to progress.

I’ve experienced traditional counseling and therapy in the past to deal with challenging relationships and health concerns, and these 3 sessions with Sarah have helped me understand more about myself, and the challenges I have faced, than I ever have before. And the best thing is, I had all the answers myself – it was Sarah’s expert guidance that enabled me to access this information.

Sarah is a warm, friendly and very gifted hypnotherapist, and I’m so very grateful for the circumstances that led me to find her.

Robyn, inner West Sydney