Over the past few months I have had a Hypnoenergetic Session, a Past Life Regression Session and then a Life Between Lives Session (LBL) with Sarah. I am still processing the wonderful information that came to me in these sessions and I am sure I will be for some time. My purpose in seeing Sarah was to find more clarification about my soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Sarah is a professional in every sense of the word. She guided me through these sessions with integrity, sensitivity and a deep caring for my experience of these sessions. There were moments when I felt quite vulnerable and I could tell that Sarah sensed these moments. Her reassurance was comforting and added greatly to the wonderful experience of the sessions.

Sarah knew exactly what questions to ask at the appropriate time. She is genuinely gifted at knowing when to guide the past life regression session, and when to allow it to take it’s natural course. Her intuition guided the sessions so that answers to my deepest questions about my life were uncovered.

Over the past month or so since my sessions, I have felt a greater calm come over me. I no longer worry about things that are irrelevant to my life, and every day I am gaining a greater sense of self and a clearer vision of my reasons for being here in this lifetime. My extraordinary experience has renewed my faith in the wonderful spirit world that is with us always and guides us in so many ways. I now have a clear memory of my deep connection with the spirit world that I hold close to my heart, and I feel now I can move forward into the future with the sense of inner strength that comes with that connection.

Valerie, Northern Sydney