I was at my wit’s end.

I was tired of annual bouts of depression that lasted for almost nine months of every year. I had experienced different types of therapies with psychiatrists and psychologists which all involved talking. A lot of talking. I was fed up with talking. I wanted to listen and change my way of thinking.

After a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Sarah, I did exactly that.

It was like a light switched on. Instead of feeling guilt, shame and pain, I felt, and continue to feel, good. Long dead people from my past have stopped lurking in the shadows. They now cheer me on in full sunlight. My everyday efforts are celebrated. I’m happy and grateful to be alive.

My long-suffering partner doesn’t have to defend herself from my rages. Our house feels lighter and we make time for fun.

Life still has its challenges but they’re easier to confront when you’re not trying to sabotage yourself. I was ready for hypnotherapy. Definitely.

Carol, West Sydney