I admit at first to being a little skeptical that somebody other than myself could tell me about my own Past Life and Life Between Lives experiences. But from the moment I met Sarah I felt at ease and in the hands of a professional.

I decided to set aside my skeptic and just see what would come up.

Sarah got me to a place of such deep relaxation whilst still being awake and present. I never felt put upon, on the contrary she facilitated a deeply personal experience that arose from my own hidden depths simply by asking me the right questions.

She was always respectful of my process, asking questions that got insightful answers and never pushing too far. When it did get a little too intense she had the appropriate tools to hand and safety mechanisms in place to get me back to a safe equilibrium surprisingly quickly.

What I saw and felt with Sarah’s compassionate and skilled guidance has answered many unsolved questions around relationships, personal outlooks and the way I move through the world in my currant life. It has opened me up to the possibilities of a far greater connected life, one with richer meaning and has awakened in me a deeper trust in the process of Being.

I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone whether they have questions large or small to be answered.

Alex, Sydney

Alex, Sydney