After being introduced to Michael Newton’s books on Past Lives and Life Between Lives and the associated hypnotherapy regression techniques, I decided that I wished to explore these aspects of myself as part of my continuing journey of inner discovery.

I contacted Sarah and after a lengthy discussion settled on undertaking a Past Life regression followed some time later by a Life Between Lives session.

Sarah facilitated both sessions.

The results were amazing and astounding beyond any expectation. Words are quite inadequate to describe the depth of my experiences and the innate knowing and understanding that flowed both during the two journeys and since then. I have obtained a far greater understanding of myself, my soul’s purpose, my life contracts and friends. And the wisdom that has been imparted has left me with a profound sense of gratitude.

I now have a far greater appreciation for my soul, my body, my life and my role in this game of life and without hesitation I attribute this to Sarah’s guiding professionalism. She is a beautifully balanced professional in her field and conducted the regression sessions in a safe supporting environment. She deftly moved the topic on after each question had been addressed or the area under investigation fully explored. At all times she allowed the journey to unfold in an entirely natural fashion at a completely natural pace fully allowing any interaction to be completed. Thank you Sarah.

I can recommend Sarah to anyone who wishes to explore these areas of their being and feel that whoever treads this path with Sarah as their guide will be richly rewarded.

Denis, Sydney